Dedicated to the best city in Texas, Funky Town! I am always looking for fun, unique ways to be active while enjoying the city I love. Below are some of my favorite places to go in Forth Worth to be active, be with friends, and be healthy.
Looking for something a little more rustic than a gym class or a treadmill? A quick drive out of th city helps you get in touch with nature and provides a fun workout with some beautiful sites!

Located right on the Trinity river trailhead, this friendly bike shop turned an average saturday morning into a city adventure!
Now that this Texas heat has started to fade, early fall weekends in Fort Worth can make the best excuse to get out of the house and be adventurous. So, over Labor Day weekend, my sweet friend Cara let us know about a hidden piece of the city to explore.
Looking for a unique Fort Worth activity? Check out Backwoods Paddle Sports at Panther Island. This is an incredibly unique way to spend an afternoon with friends while catching a breathtaking view of Downtown Cowtown!