Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop

4801 Edwards Ranch Road Ste 125
Fort Worth, Texas 76109
For my birthday last year, my husband surprised me with an incredibly fun day. I had no idea where we were going but I soon recognized the large Clear Fork sign where we had previously eaten at a great restaurant called Press Cafe. We pulled into a large parking lot and walked towards the river. As an added bonus, we walked right into the Clear Fork farmer's market which is held every Saturday morning during the summer months. We couldn't pass up a jar of local honey so I made a quick purchase before we continued.
We then made our way to the bike shop where we rented two trail bikes. I will admit it had been a few years since I had ridden a bike but, like the old saying, it comes back pretty fast. The staff was great and set everything up from picking out our bikes to adjusting our seats for us. They even give you a free water bottle for you to keep which fits nicely into the holder of the bike. There is a water filling station out back so you can fill up before you set out. It was a gorgeous day and the trail was not too crowded. We biked north and eventually saw a clearing across the river where you can catch a glimpse of a hole on The Colonial golf course. Before heading back, we parked the bikes and stopped at The Woodshed for some white fish dip and a beer. Here is a link to my take on a Homemade white fish Dip.

This is a great weekend activity and awesome way to experience the Trinity Trails! During summer, I would get to the bike shop before noon so you can shop at the farmer's market and beat the afternoon crowd.

Fort Worth Hours:

Monday-Friday 10AM to 7PM
Saturday 8AM to 6PM
Sunday 8AM to 4PM